Logistics Robot Solution
HyCore specializes in Logistics Robots.
All technologies such as hardware design, control electronic circuit, and control software that go into the robot process are 100% domestic products developed and manufactured by ourselves.

SLR-H(Smart Logistics Robot – HyCore) Product Information


Product Dimensions

  • Maximum Payload : 100kg
  • Robot own weight : 49kg
  • Exterior : 565mm(W) x 930mm(L) x 1275mm(H)
  • Interior : 525mm(W) x 880mm(L) x 1025mm(H)
  • Exterior Material : Aluminum + Plastic
  • Retractable upper ceiling structure
  • Removable and 3-level adjustable shelf
  • Shelf Payload: 40kg

Safety Functions

  • Collision prediction and Control (Ultrasonic detection, Stop)
  • Prevention of slope slip accidents(Electronic Break)
  • User hand break(Easy mechanical operation)
  • Dual mounting of user safety handles on the front and rear of the robot
  • Round edge/bumper
  • Placement of footrests for threshold
  • Easy operation considering the joint limit angle of the human body
  • Automatic and manual locking device

Battery and
Special Functions

  • Battery Capacity : 160Wh
  • Battery Type : Li-ion
  • Battery charging time : 3h
  • Motor Capacity and Type : 250Wh x 2 BLDC
  • crowd follow-up operation (option)

Design For Human : UI & UX

All images shown throughout this document are pre-production models. Production models may vary.