e-Mobility Robot Platform

Wheel Conversion Platform

Hycore T1 Wheel with Hycore’s power pack

There are various sensors and mainboards which can control the motor and communication with other devices. In the case of a bicycle, it is possible to implement the Pedal Assist System (PAS) by detecting the value of torque from the wheel drive shaft.

Hycore’s core technology is designed to control multiple Hycore T1s which are mounted. This technology is perfectly compatible with devices with wheels such as a powered wheelchair, cargo carts. Those devices with wheels absolutely can be operated by human, but if AI technology is applied to control them then autonomous driving technology can be implemented.

Power Pack Conversion Platform

Hycore’s special power packs tailored to your device requirements

Hycore  T1 is just one of a few mobility means.  Hycore’s unique power pack  technology can be applied to various mobility platforms. 

If driving power is required in various forms other than a small vehicle, a special power pack containing Hycore’s patented technology is implanted to create a highly efficient and high-performance e-Mobility equipment.

Hycore has developed a unique gear system that can utilize high torque and high-speed output actively according to the situation by interlocking multiple motors with planetary gears. This technology consists of a miniature motor transmission, a motor control circuit and control software that controls it.

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6 Design Patents
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Electric Part and Infrastructure

  • LTE Cat.M1
  • Various IoT sensors can be installed (fine dust sensors, etc.)
  • Device control and status check
  • Firmware OTA

Real-Time City Big Data

Ever since the Hycore platform has spread around the world, real-time precision data can be obtained based on the data collected by utilizing Hycore infrastructure. Based on the big data produced through Hycore’s technology, high added values can be created in various fields such as data mining and statistical data collection.

Technical Support

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