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Easy solution within cities. Help yourself be more free.
If you live in cities, you can often find yourself in the thick fog of smog created by cars stuck in traffic.
However, everything will be different if you ride with HYCORE T1.
With HYCORE T1, you will easily pass by the congestions in every corner
and find yourself freed from the unwanted norm of city life.
Whether it is a dark alley or a steep valley, your route will be a rememberable journey not a sweaty work out.

HYCORE T1 is an all-in-one smart bicycle wheel that contains all the necessary components of
an electric bicycle within the form of a bicycle wheel. Simply swap the rear wheel on your bicycle
to offer yourself a powerful electric bicycle that dares to meet all your demands.
As the creator of this product, Hycore hopes to make a dent in this upcoming era of modernized
societies by offering an alternative that is widely applicable and highly affordable.


Our Offices

Hycore International

Tel : +1 323-591-0051                                                  E-mail : sales@hycore.com

Address :
4801 Wilshire Blvd Suite #260
LA, CA 90010

Hycore co., ltd(R&D Center) 

Tel :  +82-2-3661-7972                                                  E-mail : sales@hycore.com
Fax :  +82-2-3661-7973
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1502, IT Castle II, 137,
Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 08506, Korea

Hycore Germany

Tel : +49 15-2364-47238                                                 E-mail : sales@hycore.com
Address :
#8-26, 8F Ludwig-Erhard-Str.30-34, D-65760, Eschborn Germany