Hycore T1

HYCORE T1 is an all-in-one smart bicycle wheel that contains all the necessary components of an electric bicycle within the form of a bicycle wheel. Simply swap the rear wheel on your bicycle to offer yourself a powerful electric bicycle that dares to meet all your demands. As the creator of this product, Hycore hopes to make a dent in this upcoming era of modernized societies by offering an alternative that is widely applicable and highly affordable

Hycore T1 + additional battery

HYCORE T1 with additional battery.


Light weight battery for HYCORE T1 Electric bike conversion kit. It’s small, light but strong! You can carry the battery inside your bag-include airplane. Enjoy your ride without ran out the battery!

Mounting Position Rear Wheel
Size 700C, 26 ~ 30 inch
Weight 8kg 18lbs
Top Speed 32km/h 20mph
* Maximum speed varies in accordance with the laws of each country.
Range < 50km < 30mi
* The range depends on the riding conditions.
Battery 25.2V / 6.7Ah / Li-ion
Battery Life Cycle Up to 500 cycles
Battery Charge Time 2 Hours (80%)
3.5 Hours (100%)
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0